Atelier Areti Mimosa Chandelier Replica

Atelier Areti Mimosa Chandelier Replica is made from quality aluminum material with glass globes.  This light can also be custom made to your specification.

This light is graceful in its appearance, yet solid in its construction.


Atelier Areti Mimosa Chandelier Replica presents itself as a large sculptural piece. It is delicate in its proportions, yet solid in its construction and imposing in its size.  Composed of a metal powder coated finishes available in black and glass lamp shades. The elegance of Mimosa makes it perfect for a wide range of environments that are private or public, regardless of the style. Light bulbs included. Respectively an architect and an interior designer, approaches product design from a spatial point of view, imagining how a light exists in a space, how it interacts with the space and defines it. There is a strong sculptural element to their work. This light literally can be placed anywhere, and will look simply stunning  gracing the room perfectly with its presence.





Height 60cm x Length 110cm





 14-28 day delivery