Barbecue Maintenance

Trouble-Free Grilling

If you take the time to give your grill a thorough check-up in the spring and once more in the fall, you will enjoy years of trouble-free grilling. If you can’t fit both check-ups in, choose the springtime, just before the busy summer grilling season starts, to get at least one good check-up.

    Always store your LP cylinder outdoors. Do not bring it in the house for any reason, even to clean your grill. Inspect the fuel supply hose before each use. Look for excessive wear or any damage such as nicks or cuts to the hose. If you spot any damage, replace immediately! Check levels of propane before you begin cooking to avoid running out of fuel halfway through preparing your meal.
    To clean your grill, open the grill lid, remove the warming racks, grids, sear plates, burners and drip pan. Carefully and slowly remove the drip pan in case there are excessive drippings. Wash using a mild soap and warm water and rinse with clean fresh water. Using a mild scrub brush, loosen built-up food residue from the grill base and lid. You can use a garden hose to assist you in gently spraying down the outer lid and base.
    In everything we cook, fats and juices are unavoidable. Some of the fats and juices give us that great grilling flavour when they drip down and vapours flare-up. However, excessive drippings venture onto the sear plates and then onto the drip pan and into the grease tray. It is important to keep a stock of replaceable grease trays. Grease trays need to be replaced when ¾ full.