Barbecue Smokers

If you’re a grill master, you may have perfected the art of grilling a burger or crafting that perfect steak. However, if you’re looking to cook the perfect pork shoulder or rack of ribs, a BBQ smoker might be a better choice. A BBQ smoker takes a different type of technique than a traditional grill so before you try your hand at smoking meat, learn the differences and what it takes to use a BBQ smoker.

Differences Between A Grill And A BBQ Smoker

A grill cooks food by putting it over direct heat. Because the heat level is high, it’s necessary that BBQers spend time at the grill, watching over to ensure that food doesn’t burn. They have to turn burgers, steaks and chicken breasts over frequently to ensure that the meat cooks evenly.

A BBQ smoker, on the other hand, uses indirect heat to cook the food — no hotter than 80 degrees Celsius. It can take hours to cook something, instead of just minutes, so if you want to smoke anything, you’ll want to clear your schedule! Smoke is vented into the cooking area, which infuses the food with a great deal of smoke flavour that many people love.

Do I Need A BBQ Smoker?

If you own a Napoleon Gas Grill and are not planning on smoking foods on a regular basis, you can simply purchase a Napoleon smoker tube to use with your gas grill. Pre soaked wood chips go into the tube, which is then placed over direct heat on one of the burners. Your meat is placed on the other burner, which is left off.

The meat is left for several hours, although you may need to swap out new wood chips throughout the cooking process. This will ensure that the meat is full of a smoky flavour.

There’s no ‘right’ way to cook your food. A grill and a BBQ smoker can both be welcome additions to your outdoor kitchen, but if you can only afford one, consider a high quality grill and add a smoker tube so that you have the best of both worlds.

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