Barbecue Tools

If you’re a big griller, having the right BBQ tools can certainly make your job easier. Before you fire up the grill, make sure your arsenal includes these necessary BBQ tools.

Necessary BBQ Tools: Thermometers

Whether you’re grilling chicken or burgers, it’s necessary that your food reaches the proper temperature. If your meat isn’t cooked to the proper temperature, you could be leaving your friends and family members susceptible to food poisoning. There are a number of different types of models of thermometers, from wireless types that are ideal for larger cuts of meat and digital models that will let you know exactly when it’s the perfect time to take your dinner off the grill.

Necessary BBQ Tools: Cleaning Tools

If you want your BBQ to stay in the best possible shape, you’ll definitely need some cleaning tools. The best is a brass grill brush with a special steel scraper and a long handle so you can easily clean your grill without a lot of fuss. The brass fibers will help remove stuck on charred foods, while the scraper can remove especially tough pieces.

Necessary BBQ Tools: A Grill Cover

Most grills stay outside, which means they’re exposed to the elements every day. To protect your BBQ, it’s important that you have a sturdy cover. Look for one that fits your exact model because one that’s too small could tear when you try to put it on and one that’s too large could blow off in a wind storm.

Necessary BBQ Tools: Metal Spatulas

When you’re cooking inside, you may want to use plastic spatulas to protect your cookware from scratching. However, outside it’s another situation. When you’re using your grill, you want to use a stainless steel other metal spatula. Grills cook foods at much higher heat and it’s possible that your plastic spatula could become damaged when it comes into contact with the direct heat.

These aren’t the only necessary BBQ tools, but they’re a good start. If you’re missing any of these tools from your arsenal, pick one up and see how much easier it is to grill.