Cool New Convertible Shower by Rexa

22nd Apr 2015

If you can't choose in between the comfort of a shower and the deluxe of a bath, you can have your cake and consume it also with this great brand-new convertible shower by Rexa. The Italian restroom firm produced this all-in-one bath-shower layout to please both ends of the bathing spectrum, making it an ideal addition to tiny bathrooms that recently had to compromise one for the various other, and for those which discuss an area with their showering reverse. Going from shower to bath tub is as simple as getting rid of the removable shower floor slats - which look fantastic, incidentally. The dark, woody surface of the laminate slats is the perfect match to the tub's minimalist form and colour. The tub itself is made from Korakril - a combination of acrylic resins and natural minerals - that gives it its signature smooth look and modern, minimalist appeal. The tub assesses 180 by 90 by 55 cm.