Modern Shower Cabin Das Glass from Colacril has the Striped Down Lines To Emphasise Your Style

22nd Apr 2015

Why not trying out a bold minimalist look in the bathroom? A superb area to stage this dynamic look, the modern-day shower cabin Das Glass from Colacril has actually the striped down lines to stress your style. The tidy, crisp appearance of the shower work area will certainly produce a zen-like and serene environment to assist you leave from the chaotic outside world! The steel framework of the cabin contains a single 2350mm bar to support the huge plates of toughened up glass. Totally secure with itself, this layout adds nothing that is not required. Its dazzling glass construction will certainly instead mirror the setting around it, only an inconspicuous deal with prosecute the entryway to the work area. Das Glass is a superb instance of the power of the simple mix of steel and glass, from Colacril.