Bolle Light Large 3 Replica

14 bubbles in total including 3 large glass spheres.

 Elegant, futuristic style chandelier, with a collection of transparent glass shades, which includes some large shades with smaller shades attached.  Suspended between gold bulbs that illuminates perfectly, and bounces off all the other glass globes to give an amazing magical affect. 

To compliment the whole uniqueness and grace of the chandelier, the shades are complimented by a golden stem, that holds the light together perfectly.

The glass shades are exquisitely and expertly hand blown and adds to the charm and sophistication of this distinctive chandelier.

An excellent light that can be hung over a dining table, as a strong feature in the room.  A real statement light that is unique in every way, and oozes sophistication.  The piece as a whole does give the illusion of floating bubbles in the air.  A collection of large and smaller bubbles softly and magically drifting slowly by.  Added together with the warm glow of the bulbs, and the clear precision of the globes, this chandelier comes together beautifully, and wont disappoint.

We will supply wiring of your colour of choice, also we can supply any cable length which can be cut on site for the desired look/affect.  Please confirm when ordering.




  • Rectangle base measurements-  90cm x 18cm x Height of base 5cm