Broom Carousel Chandelier Replica


The Broom Carousel Chandelier Replica inspired by classic merry-go-round rides found throughout traditional British fairground sites, the Carousel Chandelier is a ringed roundabout of illuminated delight. The silhouette is simple, yet entertainingly effective, with thirty polished round metal cans in turn creating a perfectly formed circle, each cylinder fitted with an integrated LED. Each cylinder of polished gunmetal, polished brass or polished chrome houses a LED element creating a playful ring of light. Ideal for modern living rooms, kitchen, entryways and other residential or commercial settings. This light draws you in to imagine all the great possibilities alone it can give, and the pleasure you take from seeing it for yourself.

We have a wide range of other colours and finished available, from brushed gold to silver and black.






  • Height: 16cm
  • Diameter: 58cm


  • Height: 16cm
  • Diameter: 120cm



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