Built-In Accessories

Two important functions that a barbecue island has to offer are expanded storage capacity and space to install grills and other outdoor appliances. In other words, the barbecue island serves as an all-in-one center, providing the perfect home for all your favorite outdoor appliances and offering storage for all barbecue tools, supplies, condiments and anything else a discriminating outdoor chef might need without having to continually run back into the house for missing items.

Stainless steel cabinets and barbecue island insert cabinets offer a sleek modern look, in addition to being highly durable and easy to care for. They are truly the perfect complement to any barbecue island and provide all the necessary storage and housing for outdoor appliances. Napoleon is one of the leading providers of stainless steel cabinetry for both outdoor and indoor use. The company’s comprehensive lineup includes a broad array of base cabinets, grill base cabinets, appliance cabinets and island insert cabinets to complement the size and configuration requirements of any barbecue island.

Napoleon offer a complete lineup of doors, drawers and drawer/door combination units along with pull-out cabinetry. There are propane and trash pull-outs, single and double door units, single and double drawer units and door/drawer combo storage units available.