Chopping Boards

How To Choose The Right Chopping Board

Can you believe how many types of chopping boards there are today? Just how do you select one from one more? Below are some of the crucial points to check out prior to heading out to buy a brand-new one.

It's All About Dimension

You could consistently make room on your counter for a big board if it is your primary job. A fashionable cutting board may likewise enhance the appearance of your cooking area.

You have to cleanse the thing a whole lot so make certain you buy one that you can fit into your sink to scrub with warm water after cutting up a raw item of meat. You do not desire to obtain sick from an unclean cutting board. Now I'm not suggesting the entire board has to be able to lie flat at the bottom of your sink.


I soon possessed a big thick butcher block chipping board that was so hefty I might scarcely pick it up to clean. I got rid of that beast and now make use of a smaller, thinner board for huge works and a flexible cutting mat for daily usage.

The importance of chopping board shapes.

This relies on exactly what you are going to utilize it for. I like a square board with more than enough room to do my reducing but some people like to serve cheese and hors d'oeuvre on them so they acquire an assortment of sizes and shapes. This makes good sense to me. You do not want a substantial cutting board to offer 3 little pieces of cheese and some biscuits. On the other hand, if you are putting out a huge spreading of cheese, cut meats and veggies, you do not would like to crowd them on a tiny little board

Wood or plastic chopping boards.

The research study likewise found that though a brand-new plastic board could possibly be disinfected, a knife-scarred plastic surface was impossible to cleanse and sanitize manually. When you also consider that a knife-scarred surface area implies plastic is getting in to your food.

Some people investment wood due to the fact that they such as the appearance but keep in mind if you use your cutting board a lot, it's not visiting look the exact same in a few years as a result of the wear and tear. Ultimately the surface area is going to have a bunch of cut marks which in my viewpoint is what a cutting board ought to have.

You also wish to know that plastic cutting boards are a little rougher on your knives. Not sufficient in my point of view to keep you from using them but some you might want to take into consideration.

An additional unfavorable about plastic boards is discoloring. As you cut into them while functioning, you are creating grooves in the the plastic that permit blood and juices to obtain in to and discolor. I simply lately threw away a lot of my older plastic cutting boards because they were looking a little ragged also after I tried to cleanse them with bleach.

Bamboo Cutting Boards Bamboo is the selection of lots of ecologists. As a difficult lawn, it is a lasting, renewable resource that requires no chemicals to thrive or to be harvested.
As far as we know, no independent studies have actually been done on just how sanitary bamboo cutting boards are. They do take in much less fluid compared to wood boards, so numerous believe they are as hygienic or a lot more hygienic compared to wood boards.

Know that they are 19 % tougher than typical maple cutting boards, many also assume that bamboo cutting boards are harder on knives compared to wood boards. Additionally, the tiny grooves might ever before so somewhat catch your blade, disrupting a smooth reducing activity. When buying a bamboo board, search for ones that use formaldehyde-free glues, such as those from Absolutely Bamboo or Bambu.

Wood Cutting Boards are a massive wood board respects knives, and will certainly not dull them swiftly. A great maple or beech chopping board is somewhat self-healing, and thus won't mark as easily as a plastic board. Routinely oil your board with food-grade mineral oil to shield it from tarnishing or contorting, and please don't place it in the dishwasher. A well cared-for board will last you for many years.

Wood is a renewable resource, however not almost as quickly replenishable as bamboo. Lots of boards are made from waste wood - leftovers at the mill that would certainly have been otherwise tossed away.

A heavy maple board that we use for many of our cutting, and that we expect to last us for years. For the bar, and various other little chopping jobs we have a bamboo board.


Over the Sink-- I utilized to have among these and never used it over the sink so I suppose you can call it an Non-Over the Sink design. I expect it has a purpose so you could reduce stuff up right alongside your waste disposal unit. I located I needed my sink for too many various other works and couldn't pay for to cover it up with a cutting board.

Groovy Cutting Boards-- this style includes a created groove around the cutting board to catch juices and blood that might drip out. When creating at the table yet I simply don't like the look or really feel of them, I'm certain they work well.


When you begin looking at better high quality boards as opposed to cheap chopping boards, you are visiting be considering FIFTY up to and more than 200. You could be looking at as too much as 300 for a big one if you decide you wish the brand-new boards made of bamboo. These are greater than merely cutting boards. They are gorgeous items of wood that will certainly last for life if effectively maintained and offer you kitchen area an included accent.

Exactly what chopping boards do professional chefs use?

It truly depends upon the cooks personal option. I use a wooden board for cutting meat or when I am using it to present an appetizer of cheeses, cuts meats and vegetables, a Gripper plastic board for tiny slicing tasks and low-cost flexible plastic mats for daily, fast tasks.

Just what I actually like about the floor coverings is exactly how flexible they are. You can slice up a red onion and utilize the mat to channel the onion right in to a pan. They are likewise simple to clean and do not take up too much room in the meal drainpipe.

I just lately threw out a lot of my older plastic cutting boards considering that they were looking a little ragged also after I attempted to cleanse them with bleach.

Be conscious that they are 19 % tougher than typical maple cutting boards, so several likewise believe that bamboo cutting boards are harder on blades compared to wood boards. Wood Cutting Boards are a hefty wood board is type to knives, and will certainly not plain them promptly. An excellent maple or beech cutting board is somewhat self-healing, and hence will not blemish as quickly as a plastic board. When you begin looking at much better high quality boards rather compared to low-cost chopping boards, you are going to be looking at FIFTY up to and more than 200.