Creative Raindrop Crystal Hotel Chandelier


Creative Raindrop Crystal Hotel Chandelier like an abstract cloud floating overhead, Raindrop Crystal Hotel Chandelier brings playful sophistication and artistic elegance into your space. This design its ultra smooth curves, while light travels around the outside in a seamless strip of even, glare-free illumination. With a sleek finish and subtly seductive shape, will make you long for cloudy skies every day. A unique looking light that in one sense can look a traditional design, but in another the light looks modern with its glass beads, and simple yet stunningly frame work, that sets the light apart from any other.  A light that really does demand attention wherever placed. A light thats more of a work of art, and will hang graciously from the ceiling, setting the scene for the room.  A light thats bold and dramatic, with its strong, yet elegant features, and clever design.




  •     Height 350cm x Width 100cm





14-28 day delivery