Product Dimensions:

  • Small: 120cm x 90cm
  • Large: 150cm x 120cm


Chandeliers, these ornamental lighting fixtures placed in the ceiling, had been an essential part of houses for centuries. Typically, chandeliers utilize lights, crystals cut in prisms, and also other attractive materials to brighten a room with stunning, calming rays of light.

The collection of chandeliers functions different styles of chandeliers, from the traditional to the modern crystal chandelier, to the modern fine art layouts which will definitely supply your home or structure lobby with stunning lighting, as well as total your interior decoration as much as the ceiling.

In this collection, we are happy to show you hundreds of exciting chandeliers, several which would surely fit your home. Many of the chandeliers in this collection are hand blown glass art chandeliers which include such remarkable forms and also colours. These contemporary hand blown glass chandeliers incorporate modern-day fine art layouts right into this ancient glass developing technique called glassblowing.

Glassblowing was invented back in the First century BC by a Syrian craftsman. When the Roman Empire was set up, glassblowers had ended up being a lot more motivated in boosting glass manufacturing. Quickly a wide range of techniques and also designs have grown out. You will certainly discover several of the earliest chandelier styles in this collection, including the rustic crystal chandelier and also the classic candle crystal chandelier. You will also discover the industrial antique chandelier as well as iron chandelier rather interesting.

We additionally provide replicas of some really interesting fine art layouts developed by modern-day glass artists including the stilio chandelier replica, spider chandelier replica as well as many more. The collection likewise includes contemporary hand blown glass chandeliers which show astonishing designs and colours consisting of the black glass blown chandelier. In this collection, you will definitely find the chandelier of your preference, be it a little, interesting work of art or a luxury crystal chandelier for more formal spaces.

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