Approach Artek STUDIO For All Your Design Needs

Approach Artek STUDIO For All Your Design Needs


Artek is the company for design and propaganda of modern designs, founded in 1935 by a group of four idealists, Alvar and Aino Aalto, Nils-Gustav Hahl and Maire Gullichsen. The company was formed to sell furniture and to promote modern designs of habitation through exhibitions and other educational methods. The founders of Artek promoted the concept of a new kind of environment for daily life. They believed in the synthesis of great artwork and wanted to bring diversity in town planning as well as in architecture and design.  

Artek STUDIO is the creative hub of Artek Company where new ideas and products are developed. Artek is always on the lookout for new materials and for producing sustainable designs from the existing materials. The product development of the company is based on ethics, ecology and aesthetics. The company has been able to produce high quality products which are timeless classics using latest ideology for design creation. Artek’s Drawing Studio is an integral part of the company and the exhibitions of the company were planned here. Customers can expect durability, functionality and longevity of the products designed by Artek designers.  

The search for the company to produce artwork from new materials has made them to use wood- plastic composite material, composite material based on recycled paper and sticker laminate left over. The important products that are coming out of the Artek studio includes armchairs, chairs, tables, sofas, lighting solutions, wall shelf, screen, fabric items like kitchen towels , bags, mitten etc.  

The important services offered by Artek include interior design, gifts, transport and assembly of the various products and upholstering of furniture etc. The company has done the interior design of many famous restaurants, shops, bars, clubs, library, school theatre, spa etc. Artek has always played the role of an opinion leader; the company has always actively taken part in the cultural activities. The company participates in the art exhibitions in the various parts of the world. They have participated in ICFF USA, exhibition of artwork in Milan, Italy, in Cologne, Germany, in New York, Helsinki etc. Artek organizes about four to five exhibitions per year, in collaboration with students from the art, design and architectural fields and including the designers and architects from different countries.  

Artek's important collection, the Alvar Aalto collection, is a wide-range of furniture system which can be used in all kinds of areas including public spaces, offices, museums to schools and hotels to homes. The flexibility of the furniture collection allows Artek to customize the furniture according to the use in different projects. The company uses modern techniques combined with traditional craftsmanship to ensure the quality of each piece of furniture created by them. One of the best examples of the longevity of Artek furnishings is the "2nd Cycle" stools and chairs introduced in 2007. Another well known design is the Artek Pendant Lamp.  

You can buy the Artek STUDIO products from the web shop of the Artek Company or any other online dealers of the products. You can go through the product range offered by them and select the designs which will enrich the environment of your home or office.