Bringing Geometric Shapes To Life Through Artistic Designs

Bringing Geometric Shapes To Life Through Artistic Designs


Monica Armani is a name that is renowned worldwide and it has become a brand name in most parts of the globe. She has received international acclaim, international accolades and recognition for her precise use of geometric shapes in her arts and designs to give a special meaning to the objects that she designs. She is a well known architect, industrial designer and comes out with such unique and spatial designs that make her a special designer. She has been born and brought up in a designer family as her father was also a well known designer and architect. She has creativity and designing powers right from her childhood and she belongs to the rationalist school.  

She was born in 1964 in Trento. Monica Armani got the architectural skills from her creative architect father and it is his passion that Monica had brought with her when stepping into the architectural world. Each and every aspect of designing was giving due importance and she was imbibed with qualities like giving importance to every detail, carrying out a lot of research as well as fine tuning of the projects to make it a real successful one. All her designs and masterpieces have a touch of geometry to it and it is the rigor of geometry in her designs that speaks volume of her designing ability. Her trademark is in the way she creates spaces and objects from an overload of signs. She strikes the perfect balance between design, form, materials, function and technologies to create some of the master design pieces for her clients.  

Monica Armani during the course of her studies started to create her own home. It was a space that was created from overuse of marks and had geometric impressions on it. It was in 1998 that she presented her first collections and the success that she got when she showcased her first collections to the outside world really gave her the confidence and the boost to think of doing integrated projects. Her in-depth analogies of each and every thing to its minutest detail had inspired her to try her hand out in industrial designing and she was a success in this venture as well.  

Monica Armani is happily wedded to Luca Dallabetta for the past 20 years and they both form an excellent team when it comes to creativity in industrial designing. Right from the first idea of creating something to its development stage and further on till the finalization stage, each and every aspect in designing a new product is done by her in consultation with Luca Dallabetta. He is the one who makes the product engineering and the industrialization of the architecture designed by Monica Armani.  

Some of the popular furniture designed and conceptualized by the popular Italian designer Monica Armani are: wafer hair, roger table, wgs stool and table, bark surface, tred table, lem table and chair, tred shelf and you container. You will be able to buy some of the exquisite works and furniture designs of Monica Armani on popular websites.