Creativity At Its Peak From Apartment 8 Designs

Creativity At Its Peak From Apartment 8 Designs


One of the well known female designers in Germany who has created a niche for herself with breathtaking furniture, coat hanger, interior and industrial designing is Carolin Sangha. She has started her own creative studio known as Apartment 8 and she is the creative director of this design studio. It is located in Munich, Germany. Carolin had spent a long time of her life in India. It is during her stay in India that she was infused into art and culture. The rich culture, vibrant colors and the heritage of India really kindled her mind and it is here that her creative passions started to take wings. She had spent most part of her childhood in India and is very thankful for getting the opportunity to be in India. She believes in the saying that “Good design should be self evident” and this is what she has followed all through her life. This principle is seen in all her design works, be it furniture designs or interior designs or interior lighting or fashion designing. She is a master when it comes to furniture designing and her works have been appreciated far and wide across the globe.  

Carolin Sangha strongly advocates fashion and interior designing and as a creative director in her firm Apartment 8, she offers product design services, corporate design as well as career guidance and creative consulting through her agency in Munich called casa 57. She has degrees in graphic arts and design as well as fashion designing. She has a great passion for interior designing and fashion designing. She has worked in a lot of firms as a freelance stylist and also as a fashion designer in many companies. She has also worked as a fashion editor and an art designer and director for advertising agencies, fashion magazines and many other companies. With all this experience behind her Carolin Sangha started her own creative design studio Apartment 8.  

Apartment 8 and her casa 57 agency is responsible for the build up and development of a lot of leading international brands and companies. She has been the main driving force behind a lot of the popular international fashion clothing brands and lifestyle companies. She has developed products for Schonbuch under her Apartment 8 design studio’s name that is now a hot favorite among many people. Some of the popular items that she has designed include: dots coat hooks, coat hangers, LINE wall mounted storage units for coat, blossom, China, seat, denim and view.  

Line wall coat storage unit, fold, rack, sticks, up and down, china wall hooks, stool and bench seas in different sizes made of oak trees, view designer wallpapers, cushions with zip fastener, denim jeans seat cushions and solid coat hangers are very popular products the world over. Carolin Sangha designed these products exclusively for Schonbuch and they are in great demand. If you also like these products designed by Carolin Sangha of Apartment 8, then all you need is to purchase these products from reliable online stores.