Enjoy The Best Hand Made Furniture Designed By Maarten Michael Baas

Enjoy The Best Hand Made Furniture Designed By Maarten Michael Baas


If you are looking for the best imperfect but character rich furniture designs to adorn your homes, then you need to go for furniture designed by popular Netherlands designer Maarten Michael Baas. He has given a new meaning to the world of furniture through his unique and innovative rich hand made furniture that has been recognized the world over. He has a differing and slightly surreal type of approach to his design work that helps him in creating some of the best masterpieces that cannot be easily replicated by other people.  

Maarten Michael Baas was born in 1978 in Arnsberg in Germany and moved to the Netherlands the very next year. He attended school in the Netherlands and also spent most of his life in the Netherlands. He got educated from the Hendrik Pierson College, Zetten and Design Academy, Eindhoven. He also spent several months learning design and art at Politecnico in Milan.  

He was keen in designing even during his college days. He designed the renowned Knuckle candle holder while he was doing his graduation and this was his first commercial success product. Maarten had two designs, Sundial and charred furniture Smoke series, with him when he had graduated in 2002. The smoke collection series also became very famous and is made by setting fire to old furniture and then applying an epoxy resin coating to the chair to preserve the charred remains of the tables and chairs. This became a huge phenomenon in the design world and it is even in demand these days. He usually produces his furniture pieces in series and each of them are hand made. He is an avid experimenter and loves to go to any extent to create some of the best pieces of furniture. He also completed the IKEA workshop in France in 2002 and also got an opportunity to showcase his masterpieces in a Design Academy in Tokyo.  

He got the opportunity to exhibit the Smoke chandelier in "Brilliant" at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London in 2004. He also introduced his 2004 Smoke series at his first debut solo exhibition at Moss in New York which was called “Where There’s Smoke”. It was in the year 2005 that he joined hands with Bas den Herder and all his works are now being made under the ‘Bas & den Herder’ studio. Most of the products of his earlier collections are also produced at this new design studio. Some of the popular furniture designs created by Maarten Michael Baas are: Moooi smoke chair, smoke dining arm chair and smoke dining chair; the empty chair for Amnesty International; clay series chairs, tables and lamps; colored synthetic clay furniture; hey chair; unique furniture for Mitterand & Cramer, Geneva; plastic chair in wood; treasure furniture made from furniture factory waste and sculpt furniture. There is a great demand for most of these furniture pieces even today. You will find them being sold at popular online furniture stores and also in certain marketplace stores. Just log on to the internet and order the Maarten Michael Baas furniture masterpieces that you like.