Get The Best Swiss Design Lamps From The Atelier Oï Studio

Get The Best Swiss Design Lamps From The Atelier Oï Studio


Three architectural geniuses who were born and brought up in Switzerland formed the Atelier Oï in Neuveville, Switzerland. This design studio was founded in 1991 by Patrick Reymond, Aurel Aebi and Armand Louis. They were all architects and designers and members of the popular Swiss Federation of Architects FAS. Apart from this, these three designers were also members of the Swiss Federation of Interior Architects/Designers VSI.ASAI. Atelier Oi is known for its talent to disband barriers between various genres. It has been giving some of the best creative designs that one could ever imagine in its products for over 20 years now. All the three architects and designers have opened a wide spectrum of avenues through their work for their design studio Atelier Oi.  

The studio has been able to grow from strength to strength since its inception under the proper and able leadership and workmanship of the three designers. As the days went by, Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond became more recognizable for the better architecture, design and set design. They now were compared on an international scale and Atelier Oi got the due recognition that it needed from the world over. It is for the multi-disciplinary, excellent team work and the gelling together of these three super architectural minds that they were able to get the due recognition they deserved from all corners of the globe. Atelier Oi was soon becoming a household name as their innovative products and designs started to grab the attention of shoppers, industries and people from all walks of life.  

Products and projects that were created and conceived by Aurel, Armand and Patrick of Atelier Oi was also getting a good number of awards over the course of time. Some of the popular awards that the trio has got includes: Museum of the Year Award, 2001, IF design award in 2003, Die Besten Revue Hochpartere (SWITZERLAND) in 2005, Living At Home award in 2007 and product of the year, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD (USA) in 2008. They have also recently won the IF design award in 2012.  

Some of the architectural marvels of Atelier Oi in Switzerland are: Genève Aéroport Visitor’s Center, Canal Alpha television studio, Spa Hotel des Bergues, Jaquet Droz manufacture, La Neuveville house and Moitel. The three architects have also worked for a few of the leading internationally recognized corporate conglomerates like: Swatch, La Monte Hermes, Victorinox, Breguet, Passionata, Omega, Swatch Group, Leon Hatat and many more.  

Some of the best known furniture design collections to come out of the Atelier Oi design studio are: Oasis indoor and outdoor furniture in 2013, Hive collection for B&B Italia, Hommage sideboard collection, Nods outdoor collection, “Staccato” shelf, Wogg 53 sideboard, Wogg 43 wardrobe, Allumettes collection, Reel outdoor seat, Plus collection, Estivale collection and many more. You can find every type of furniture that you want designed by Atelier Oi in all the leading stores as well as in the online stores. If you need to add a little bit of uniqueness and luxury to your outdoor or indoor space, then try out some of the best furniture designs of Atelier Oi design studio.