Holmb├Ąck-Nordentoft designers of Shelter Table Lamp for Normann Copenhagen

Holmbäck-Nordentoft designers of Shelter Table Lamp for Normann Copenhagen


Sebastian Holmbäck (1971) and Ulrik Nordentoft (1974) fulfilled at the Danish Design School, where they both practiced. Almost 10 years after their graduation they set up the HolmbäckNordentoft workshop. Their commonalities, and the basis for all their job, is appearances. The workshop works in a lot of style locations, including interior decoration, furniture, lights, industrial design and product style, which is their primary emphasis.Stelton - Pure Black knife seriesThe Pure Black blade series from Stelton entices with high functionality and a tight, sophisticated look. The knives are made out of chrome nickel stainless steel and for that reason have a soft black coating. Every knife is made from one piece of stainless steel. This makes the going across from knife to blade fluent. The straightforward layout without edges or spaces and the unique area medical treatment make the knives specially hygienic and simple cleanable. All at once the mat finish of the blades makes it possible for a superior handling and ergonomics. They assure a save grip at the deal with. The Pure Black blades were created by HolmbäckNordentoft for Stelton. The intense style in a deep and strong black makes the Pure Black knives also besides their functional advantages a fabulous cooking area product. In their expressive design, they are met by the Pure White knives strip which is entirely kept in a white shade.Stelton - Emma Vacuum TeapotThe brand-new, state-of-the-art Emma vacuum teapot by Stelton sets standards relating to developing tea. Stelton's Emma vacuum teapot has a blue nuance, which perfectly matches the blue tone-in-tone colors of the collection. Stelton produces the body of the Emma vacuum teapot of high-gloss repainted stainless steel, and likewise the thermo insert is made of stainless steel.Rig-Tig by Stelton - Dressing ShakerDessert and sour, warm and spicy, Italian, Thai or Japanese. Exactly what a hype, taste and type depends on you. The Rig-Tig Dressing Shaker interest all tastes and senses. You are the cook: With the dressing hand by Rig-Tig you will have the best equipment to blend your specific clothing. Attempt a receipt and shock your pals and the family with brand-new taste-experiences. The shaker is extremely easy to take care of, the lid can be opened up and enables a basic pouring. The hand has a sophisticated layout-- this suggests that it can be shaked and served immediately with the exact same container. Normally, the Rig-Tig Dressing Hand is dishwasher-safe, to make sure that a wonderful and effortless dish can come.Shelter Table LampShelter is a straightforward light filled with personality, which disperses pleasurable lighting. The conic form of the base and the rounded lampshade offer a friendly and soft look contrasting the clear lines. Shelter was made by the Danish design duo HolmbäckNordentoft and it is offered as table light and flooring light. The layout of Shelter plays with percentages and information. The white inside of the lampshade reflects the lighting, while its vast, angled shape makes sure enjoyable, glare-free illumination.HolmbäckNordentoft say to:The suggestion of Shelter developed from our thinking of the best ways to create a visual hookup in between cable and light. A cord is a needed misery, but how to make a virtue out of the requirement? That's the base of advancement of the special look of the light."Shelter is available in a traditional black and also in a mineral dust gray. The table as well as the floor light make certain special mood illuminations in a space edge, besides a reading armchair or a couch. Shelter is additionally ideal as checking out light in the room or the workplace.