Inspirational Furniture Designs Of Miki Astori

Inspirational Furniture Designs Of Miki Astori


Miki Astori belongs to the land of creators Italy. He was born in Milan in the year 1965. Miki Astori is a very popular and innovative architect, furniture designer and interior designer based in Milan. He completed his studies in the year 1991 and graduated to become an architect. He had a great passion for designing and drawing things and was always keen to put pen to paper to create something new and unique. He started his career with Antonia Astori as an interior designer. This was soon after he finished his education in 1991. He later moved on to Paris in 1992 for even better job prospects.  

In Paris, Astori collaborated with Philippe Starck and this collaboration gave him the much needed exposure that he was looking for. He did a lot of projects for Driade, Flos and Kartell that earned him due recognition for his work. While he was busy doing projects or Driade and Flos, he was also engaged in the development of Hi-Fi components for the popular Thomson Group. He still is collaborating with Driade as a consultant for their event planning. He is very fond of Eastern forms and crafts and has spent a long part of his life in Asia.  

Miki Astori has always maintained that Asia is his inspiration. It is through his journeys across India and other Asian countries that he got a lot of inspiration to design unique products through his interest in local crafts and forms as well as industrial production methods. Astori opened his own design studio in Milan in 1995. He concentrated on architecture, furniture design and interior design from his new studio. Miki Astori was responsible for the birth of the Atlantide collection for Driade in 1995. Whenever he needed some design inspirations, Astori used to travel to South Asia. In 1997, Miki Astori embarked on a trip to South Asia to hunt for new suppliers who could offer him with the best manufacturing techniques and processes for his out of the world creations.  

He visited a lot of Asian countries like Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam to come out with a new range of products that had the perfect mix of ancient Asian traditions and oriental ideas with an influx of western industrial methods. These products were unique in their own way and very high on quality. Some of the raw materials used by Astori were: iron, wood and rattan.  

Some of the most popular products and designs of Miki Astori are: Kissi Kissi, Mez, Thali, Thalideux, Peanut, Kissino, Schonbuch lean on coat rack, Driade Bazaar steel, glass and wood bowls, Driade Pandora aluminum cabinets, Driade ICI Zen plates, Alchemila Stackable chair, Driade Libeccio wall mounted stainless steel filtering hood and Driade Mirto small tables. Most of these products designed by Miki Astori are available for sale on many of the popular online sores. Buy them and add beauty and luxury to your homes and offices. You will never be disappointed with the quality and the artistic design of a whole lot of attractive things.