Kim Almsig – A Very Popular Danish Designer

Kim Almsig – A Very Popular Danish Designer


Kim Almsig is the well known Danish designer specialized in the designing of furniture and interiors. Though he is a trained carpenter he started working as a designer since 1994. He was especially good at designing using plywood and wood. He also uses modern materials like aluminum to make designs. Kim Almsig created the iconic wine bottle holders called Winetube for Rosendhal, the Danish kitchen accessory brand. This bottle holder has become a fascinating piece of contemporary home decor. You can arrange your collection of original wines with their labels visible to the visitors with this wine tube. This is one of the most functional designs for bottle holder.  

Kim Almsig believes that a successful design is the one which makes you curious and makes you to touch it and feel it. This talented designer gets inspired by the Scandinavian designs as it is very simple but, challenging to the senses. He designed the Wine tube out of the need. There were different varieties of wine racks already available in the market but, he wanted to offer something simple and functional in a modern material to his customers.  

The specially designed Wine tube wine rack designed by Kim Almsig can hold 12 bottles of wine. In most of the traditional wine rack only the neck of the wine bottles will be visible but, the wine rack from Kim Almsig gives exposure to the label apart from being elegant and stylish method to store the wine. This wine tube is available from Rosendhal in two different colors, nature Aluminium and dark Aluminium. Kim Almsig has used brushes and anodized Aluminium tube to make this wine tube. He has made some cutouts in the tube to allow the wine bottles to remain perpendicular to the wine tube.  

This design is simple and easy to install on the wall with the fixings provided along with the wine tube. The height of this wine rack is 75cm and the diameter is 5cm. With this design, you make use of your wall space to store your wine collection. He has converted a storage piece into a work of art with his designing ability. The visibility of the labels allows easy selection of the required wine. You can add a more modern look to your bar area or kitchen using this piece of art work. Any wine bottle with standard size and shape can be placed in this wine tube.  

If you are looking for an elegant and stylish wine organizer for your kitchen then the wine tube designed by Kim Almsig is the right option. There are many online dealers who offer the wine tube from Rosendhal designed by Kim Almsig. You can also visit the official website of Rosendhal to get the wine tube wine rack designed by Kim Almsig. Whether you are in need of wine storage rack for your bar or for your small apartment, you can get this functional and simple product from any reliable dealer. You will find that this product is a great way to display your favorite wine bottles.