Philippe Allaeys- Master Of Modern Day Belgium Furniture Designs

Philippe Allaeys- Master Of Modern Day Belgium Furniture Designs


One of the well known artistic furniture designers of the modern age who has emerged from a humble background in Belgium is Philippe Allaeys. Today, the world speaks in volumes about the quality of the man and the artistic and modern furniture designs that he has created. He has always had the interest and passion toward arts and architecture and it is this passion that might have driven Philippe Allaeys to seek his studies in the field of architecture from the Saint Lucas Institute in Ghent. He is from the town of Bruxelles in Belgium and was born in 1960 in Belgium. He had a playful and jolly childhood and as Philippe Allaeys grew up, his passion and interest fro arts and architecture as well as designing also grew. He completed his diploma in architecture from Saint Lucas in Ghent in 1983.  

Philippe Allaeys took up a lot of designing projects in several of the popular and prestigious Belgian architectural bureaus as a freelance from 1984 to 1986. While working with these popular companies as a freelancer, he was able to get his designing skills well polished and oiled and he knew that he was ready to up his game in the field of arts, design and architecture. Philippe Allaeys along with seven of his close friends who were architects, designers and artists decide to start a company on their own and launched the group “ZO”. They started to design some of the modern furniture and also distributed the same.  

In 1992, Philippe Allaeys started The tables of Alph: the alphabet for good living", which is a popular design studio now that creates, designs, produces and distributes top quality furniture. This design studio is famous for coming out with unique furniture designs that has also won a lot of awards and accolades from many parts of the globe. A lot of the award winning designs of Philippe Allaeys is now licensed and distributed by many of the popular furniture design companies of the world.  

Some of the very popular designs of Philippe Allaeys are: PA01 Isaac foldable tables, PA02 Noah bed, PA03 Alex side tables, PA 04 Theo and PA05 Leila trays for E15; interior designing and architecture for many private houses, lofts, apartments, offices, restaurants and shops under The tables of Alph; Viteo outdoor multifunctional stool called OENI or EFNI; Alph table tree, fix your table design, closets fro hotels, Alph yellow table and so on.  

Some of the prestigious honors that have come Philippe Allaeys way are: Autumn Selection, Vizo, Brussels (1993), Selection, Henry Van de Velde award, Gent (1997), Selection, World Crafts Council (1989), award design West-Flanders / premium and bronze medal for totality of design and Selection, Henry van de Velde award Brussels / Design Flanders (2004). His furniture and artwork have taken part in a lot of fairs and exhibitions from 1993 to 2006. Even today, there are many people who are looking out for some of the best wooden furniture and designs created by Philippe Allaeys.