Pio Manz├╣ One of The Foundation Members of the International Research Centre on Environmental Structures

Pio Manzù One of The Foundation Members of the International Research Centre on Environmental Structures


Pio Manzù was an Italian developer that caused especial furore with his car-designs. He deceased in 1969 in a car crash matured 30. Pio Manzù was among the foundation participants of the "International Research Centre on Environmental Structures", which was named "Pio Manzù International Research Centre" after his death. Pio Manzù went to the University of Design in Ulm. The youthful developer made his name with his designs for the car sector. That is exactly how he developed one of the most successful cars in Italy's past: The Fiat 127. Moreover he developed numerous more models with cutting-edge ideas and technologies. The automobile layout brought terrific awareness to Pio Manzù in addition to numerous awards. 1962 he succeeded the desired Année Vehicle Honor with his prototype for the Pininfarina firm among others. Pio Manzù made the Cronotime Table Alarm Clock for Alessi and the Parentesi Ceiling Light for Flos on the field of product design.Parentesi floor lampParentesi is Italian for "braces" or "to clamp" and explain besides the name the method how the light features. A steel cable which is "clamped" in between ceiling and floor helps with the law of the elevation of a steel tube where the light is fixed. This handy layout of the light by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù was already made in 1970 yet is still more than up-to-date. The innovative blend of floor light and pendant light was rewarded with the "Compasso d Oro" in 1979. This light offers direct light. The light moves up and down via gliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel wire (400cm long). The fixture head is made of injection-moulded black elastomer (UL-94 HB) and houses a switch. The length of the energy cord from the light owner is 400 centimeters.Cronotime Table Clock The Cronotime table clock is produced by Alessi after a layout by the dead designer Pio Manzù. Manzù specifically created furores with his designs for the auto market and also Cronotime has a vibrant shape. The bent and sleek corpus from Cronotime seems to come out of the area. Originally it might appear like a toy, however it will certainly soon verify its efficiency. Both parts of the housing are movable and can be opposed peripherally, cleating various housing forms, to ensure that the clock can be counted on every perspective. The beneficial disposition of the dial could furthermore be readjusted by an additional movable ring of the surface; the numbers themselves are noticeable and clear all the time.The initial style was developed in 1966. The Fiat-Workshops sent the table clocks as annual gifts during that time, and for that reason Pio Manzù designed them. Produced by the Milan business Ritz Italora during that time, the publicity-gift reached popularity fastly. Because the technical and formally funny remedy of a table clock as Fiat-gift came to be that renowned, the Italian goods-concern La Rinascente decided to feature the clock in its program and with it, assisted it to come to be effective. The tiny table clock is generated by Alessi today, in a revised second version out of ABS-plastic.