Talent And Creativity At Its Best Through Antoine Manuel Designs

Talent And Creativity At Its Best Through Antoine Manuel Designs


In this day and age when everything is done easily and quickly through computer graphics, the French duo of Antoine & Manuel still sometimes use the color pencils and the felt tips to get their thoughts on paper and design some of the unique event posters. They are the leaders as far as French graphic designs are concerned and their attractive notebooks, posters and postcards always seem to tell us that they have created it when they were in a happy mood. You will not be able to overlook the design and their crafts for even a moment as it has the powers to instantly draw you towards it.  

Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz joined together to in 1993 to launch their own graphics studio and design in Paris under the name Antoine + Manuel. It is during their graphic design studies that the duo meets each other and become thick friends. They find out that are interested in contemporary arts during their graduation days and get closer to Yvon Lambert to work in the gallery. They have also worked together for the Lambert Collection in Avignon right from its inception in 2000. It was a struggle for them in the early days of launching the Antoine + Manuel graphic studio. But, they struggled their way through to design some of the most unique creative design that France had ever seen. By the year 1996, they get a chance to exhibit their school of thought in many of the popular exhibitions like: the Museum School of Fine Arts the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Printemps de Cahors, the modern art of the city of Paris, the Pompidou Centre, etc.

Antoine and Manuel have also tried their hand out in fashion designing by joining Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Laurent. They have also given their thoughts on fashion for Christian Lacroix through luxurious print drawings. They also invented a new dance language in 2001 that was totally new and unheard of in the world of performing arts. They unleashed their own styled visual vocabulary that was never seen by the public before during their collaboration with the National Centre for Contemporary Dance (Angers) in 2004. Antoine and Manuel have also given a new meaning and artistic design to the theater art form as well. They had a four year old collaboration with the National Theatre Dijon from 1996 to 2000.  

Antoine and Manuel also had a great passion for furniture and combined furniture with volume and graphics to give a totally new dimension. They created the Tarkett modular carpet in 2000, a vinyl transfer for Habitat in 2003 and also designed a lot of furniture for Domestic since 2005. They created the Lafayette Maison line furniture with attractive laser cutting, graphics and landscape for Designer days in 2007. They also displayed their first designs for BD Ediciones furniture during the furniture fair in Milan in 2009. Antoine + Manuel work is an epitome that embraces emotion, touch, feel, sensation and decorativeness.