Thomas Bentzen Autobiography

Thomas Bentzen Autobiography


Thomas Bentzen is a popular name in the world of furniture in Denmark. He comes from Denmark and ever since he made his entry in the design of furniture, there has been no looking back for him. He has made his name not only in Denmark but globally through his participation in multiple international furniture fairs. He is the co-founder of Copenhagen based design collection studio, REMOVE. His line of furniture designs and interior concepts best reflect a no-non-sense, graphical and straightforward attitude and expression. So if your tastes comprise durability and heavy utility, then you must look forward to Bentzen's furniture collection.  

Excerpts From Danish Crafts Catalogue 2006  

Thomas completed his graduation from the Furniture and Interiors Line of Denmark Designskole in 2003. REMOVE was established by him and his three fellow students, one year before he completed his graduation. This group got lucky for the first time when they got an offer to design a cafe at the Danish Design Center along with the other conventional designers. It is from then on that the group's work started getting recognized and they got popular. He has his own design office set up in 2010, before which he has assisted Louise Campbell- a Danish furniture designer. Today Thomas is quite busy doing his own projects alongside handling the Danish furniture designer Louise Campbell. One of his design ranges- STOOL PLUS has been produced by Askman Furniture since 2004. He started off this design range with an initial prototype at the National Workshop for Arts and Crafts in 2004 and also was rewarded with a scholarship for his finesse and talent in design of furniture.  

When one notices Bentzen's designs, one can get a feel of simplicity, graphics and a Scandinavian design touch. Ever since he started his career, he has participated in several international furniture fairs in Denmark and abroad in cooperation with REMOVE. He had also marked his presence at the very popular Copenhagen International Furniture Fair and Swedish Style in 2005, which brought him huge glory. Both these fair were held in Milan and Tokyo in 2005. The year 2005, brought proved to be a very successful one for him with a prestigious award- The Aluminumsprisen 2005, an Aluminum Award from the trade Aluminum Denmark. He is currently a board member at the Danish Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition also known as SE. He occasionally teaches students of arts and design at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen.  

Bentzen's work ranges from the daily use furniture including tableware and interiors to industrial design. He believes in creating engagement and curiosity in his designs that are functional and simple and meet the human utilities well while in use. He is highly passionate about creating joy by materials and their forms and functionality with the help of effective design and ergonomics. Thus he not only believes in the look and feel but also has a flair for comfort and elegance. So, when you too are on the lookout for something similar, then Bentzen's design can serve you best.