TrĂ­pode G5 designed by Equipo Santa & Cole

Trípode G5 designed by Equipo Santa & Cole


Formed by the folks who team up in the technical department of Santa & Cole and captained by the Editors, the Santa & Cole Team indications all the aspects of own layout. Instances consist of the Trípode light (1997), the Set Portes table (1999), the Nórdica light (1987), and the Humo ashtray (2007), among others.BC1A pivoting metal arm with an elbow joint is assisted by a wall-mounted base where the cable goes to the closest outlet. The shaft has a valuable beech deal with to place the shade for relaxing, reviewing or other necessities.ComodínA wall surface light with a minimalist spirit that provides itself to an assortment of forms, looks and textures, as its name ('wildcard' in Spanish) proposes.BásicaThe magazine of the Básica light in 1987 was a go back to warmth from the then prevailing style of lights with tubular metal frameworks (usually painted black) and dichroic halogen bulbs. This component laid the foundations for the author's areas, came to be Santa & Cole's many representative component and set a brand-new trend in European layout.Trípode G5The illumination of the Trípode develops a warm environment, perking up monochromatic spaces. 3 crossed steel tubes appearing like Chinese chopsticks support an adequate ribbon shade at a significant elevation and without the demand for a base.BC2A dealt with arm, characterised by the straight transition from an upright to a straight line and a round base the mount it on the wall surface and hide the power supply. It has a steel shaft with a beech handle.HeadHat / PorcelainA pliable set of hanging lamps with tones (Hats) of differing dimensions and products that offer numerous usages to a resourceful light capsule (Head), forming a simple device with a minimalist and flexible design that provides fantastic warmth to LED lighting. Its interchangeable, modular components and innovation make this an item with a lengthy life cycle and effortlessly to reuse. HeadHat fosters excellent warmth dissipation, a lights experience without glare and is straightforward for individuals to establish.NeoRománticoThis table for the huge NeoRomántico family of benches and backless benches is available in 2 dimensions and is made for exterior rooms where furniture is required for leisure.ArneAlthough its discrete measurements, ARNE can house many LED plates, with optical units for road or flood light circulation, and a flexible power supply, light strength and color temperature. Its power performance gives it a helpful life of 60,000 hours.