Product Dimensions:

  • 2000mm x 2000mm x 2100mm
  • 2200mm x 2000mm x 2100mm


Standard Function:

  • Red Cedar Wood
  • Touch Control System
  • 6KW HARVIA Sauna Stove
  • Temperature Setting
  • Time setting/FM RadioMemory
  • 8-10mm Tempered Glass
  • Culture Stone
  • Colorful Top LED
  • Lighting Lamp



Some people can be too busy to actually spend time on relaxation and on improving maintaining their health. With your own sauna room, however, you will bring health and relaxation right into the comfort of your own home. The Dsigen Dry House Wooden Sauna Room offers plenty of benefits of a dry house sauna room. With its 6KW HARVIA Sauna Stove, you will enjoy the gentle heat of heated rocks while maximizing the health benefits that sauna offers. This sauna room features a colorful top LED and a lighting lamp just right for any mood you’re in.


The Dsigen Dry House Wooden Sauna Room will help you relieve stress and tension, rejuvenate your skin and stimulate blood circulation by triggering perspiration. Its heat can also be easily controlled via its built-in touch control system for temperature, letting you enjoy its usually mild and more tolerable heat while maximizing the sauna helpful effects to the body. This dry house sauna room also ensures that your body readily enjoys the sauna’s health benefits more quickly and efficiently. Thus, the Dsigen Dry House Wooden Sauna Room is really the perfect choice for those who always have to move quickly, being always busy at work. If you’re one of those people who like to linger a little longer inside the sauna room, this product will also cater to your needs. With its more tolerable and dry heat, your body will still enjoy the benefits of a sauna bath for longer periods of time.


So whether you want a quick and effective way to relieve stress or just want to lie down in a dry sauna room for a longer time, choosing this sauna room will definitely meet your expectations.