White Unique Murano Hand Blown Glass Chandelier 


All murano hand blown glass chandeliers colours can be customised to any colour / colour combinations of your choice. Take a look at the photo above that has all the colours listed you can choose from.

Chandeliers, these attractive lights installed in the ceiling, had been an essential part of homes for centuries. Typically, chandeliers use lights, crystals cut in prisms, and also various other ornamental products to light up an area with attractive, calming beams.

The collection of chandeliers features various designs of chandeliers, from the timeless to the modern crystal chandelier, to the modern art layouts which will undoubtedly provide your residence or structure lobby with beautiful illumination, along with total your interior design around the ceiling.

In this collection, we are happy to show you hundreds of captivating chandeliers, numerous which would undoubtedly suit your residence. Numerous of the chandeliers in this collection are hand blown glass art chandeliers which showcase such exciting shapes as well as colours. These contemporary hand blown glass chandeliers integrate contemporary fine art layouts right into this old glass developing method called glassblowing.



  • Small: 120cm Length x (50-60cm)
  • Large: 150cm Length x (60-70cm)
  • Extra Large: 180cm Length x (70-80cm) 


Worldwide shipping, 4-6 weeks.