Eliza Modern Minimalist Bird Chandelier

Not just a light, but a real work of art, with its glistening detailed birds hanging neatly down in a row. Lovingly crafted and individually created by hand to produce a magical and wondrous array of birds.  Once illuminated this chandelier really does come to life, highlighting the beauty of this simple yet sensual light.

Elegant and calming, and once switched on, the birds shine beautifully in the soft down lighting, releasing yet more charm and sophistication.

A perfect light for people who like a different perspective on light designs. Perfect for the nature lover, and those who like to bring a little nature with all its charm and calmness into the home.

Birds themselves symbolize freedom, perspective, love and nobility. Easy to see why as they fly up high into the sky free, vibrant and elegant. Many believe they symbolize eternal life and the link between heaven and earth. They are free to roam all parts of the earth where us humans may not. They can up and go whenever and wherever they so choose.

Different cultures have different theories about birds but all believe that they are sacred and can communicate with the gods as they fly up to the heavens. It is believed that birds have magical powers and symbols of intelligence and wisdom.

Birds are very favorable in dreams, and depending on what a bird is doing, can be seen as a positive message if they appear in yours. For example dreaming of a bird flying around freely, is a sign of prosperity.  All negativity around them will disperse and make way for positivity in their life.

These facts alone make for a fantastic purchase,not only will the light illuminate the room beautifully, but also knowing that the chandelier means so much more with its positive and harmonious facts about our mysterious, care free and intelligent creatures.



Product Dimensions:

  • L:70cm x W:30cm x H:150cm


Product Details: 

Features 4 downlight bulbs which allows the birds to reflect the light. Bulbs come with the lamp free of charge.

Bulb type: LED or filament can used.

Delivery worldwide with electrics wired to the country of intended distpatch.

This Bird Chandelier is 14-28 day delivery