Furniture Care Guide



Regular Maintenance

Always use a damp cloth for wiping high-gloss surfaces and never apply too much pressure. Dry dusters can scratch the surface. Furniture polishes should be avoided as they can leave a greasy residue and affect the overall appearance of your high-gloss furniture.

Removal of dirt and stains

Individual stains can generally be easily removed by the use of warm water on a damp cloth. For more persistent staining and greasy finger marks, we recommend treatment with a light cleaner directly applied onto the cloth.

Please note that abrasive substances such as aggressive (alcohol-containing) cleaners, solvents (dilution) or scouring cream can lead to irreversible damage to your high-gloss surfaces. For the sake of your high-gloss furniture, avoid using these substances.

Hot items, such as tea/coffee should never be placed directly onto your high-gloss surface. This can lead to irreparable damage.


To prevent serious damage to your wood furniture by taking care not to position it in direct sunlight.

Use coasters/table cloths beneath all glasses and mugs to protect your wood furniture from unsightly rings and water spots.

All wood has natural imperfections, it is perfectly normal to see slight variations in the wood grain.


All fabrics and materials are manufactured from yarns with natural variations to its colour and texture. On occasions some piling may occur on certain materials in the early stages of use, this does not however affect the life of the fabric and is a normal occurrence.

Variations may occur from batch to batch. We do our best to minimize this as much as possible. For this reason we recommend that you order in one batch when requiring multiple items of furniture/accessories.


Care must be taken when moving furniture. Do not drag furniture across the floor as this may cause irreversible damage. We recommend the use of furniture protectors to prevent the feet/legs of furniture from marking floor surfaces.


You should always position your furniture on a level surface. Wedges can be used to help with this and can be purchased from most good hardware stores/DIY stores should the surface prove to be uneven.


Your furniture will need to be checked on a regular basis for any fixtures/fittings that may have loosened over time. Be careful not to over tighten as this may cause damage to the frame.


We recommend you keep a suitable distance (30cm minimum) between heat appliances such as radiators.

Direct ultraviolet light can cause fading to some fabrics/furniture.