Gas Barbecues

So you’re in the market for a new gas grill, how do you know if you’re buying the best? Rest assured our Napoleon range is for those who will only consider the best of the best. While you might be tempted to walk into a store and choose the shiniest one they have on the showroom floor, take a few minutes to learn about the features that you can find in the best gas grills. Knowing what features you must have and others are useful to have before you shop helps ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

The Best Gas Grills Offer Multiple Burners

What happens if you want to cook some burgers, but you also need to grill some veggies as a side dish? If you only have one burner, you’ll have to cook everything at the same temperature, which means that your veggies could quickly burn. Instead, the best gas grills offer multiple burners that can be set to different temperatures, ensuring everything on your menu can cook at the proper temperature.

The Best Gas Grills Offer Rotisserie Kits

Have you ever been to a restaurant or grocery store where they have rows upon rows of rotisserie chickens roasting over an open flame? If so, you know how delicious and versatile these chickens can be. The best gas grills come with a rotisserie kit so you can have rotisserie chickens made right in your own home.

The Best Gas Grills Offer Models With Propane Or Natural Gas

Most gas grills use propane as a cooking source, but it’s also possible to find some that use natural gas. Propane tanks are available for purchase at many grocery stores and home improvement stores, but if you run out of propane you’ll need to go buy a new one before you can start cooking. However, if your grill uses natural gas, it can be connected directly to your home’s gas source, which ensures that you’re always ready to grill.

These are just three of the things that you can expect to find with the best gas grills. If you’re looking for a new grill, look for these features to ensure you’re buying the very best.

Features Of The Napoleon Gas Grills

Napoleon gas grills can also be used as a conventional or convection oven. Bread, buns, cakes and pizzas can be cooked to perfection under the grill lid. For convection cooking, follow the same instructions as for the indirect cooking method. Your grill comes with a tightly sealed lid for heat retention, giving oven like performance!

Love the taste of charcoal grilled foods but prefer the convenience of gas grilling? Now you can have the best of both worlds with the Charcoal Tray insert by Napoleon® for your gas grills.

Built in infra red cooking technology.

What Is the Added Infra Red Cooking Technology That Comes With Napoleon Grills?

Firstly infrared burners use less gas and cooking time. Napoleon’s® infrared technology is there to try help the user be more energy efficient. Infrared cooking allows you to cut back on the amount of gas (natural or propane) and the amount of time that it takes when cooking. This in turn will help barbecue lovers be more environmentally friendly!

Benefits Of Gas Infra-Red Grills

Faster Searing - Napoleon’s® infrared burners give you ultra hot searing power unmatched by traditional tube burners. This allows you to quickly lock in all those amazing tasting natural juices. Shorter Pre-Heating Times - The intense heat from these burners helps pre-heat the entire grill at an accelerated rate. If you are cooking over the infrared grill you can start immediately! No pre-heating required! Better Fuel Efficiency - Infrared burners are more fuel efficient than tube burners. The efficiency is based on how the energy gets to the food. With a normal tube burner the air around the burner is being heated by the flame, and rises up to warm the food. With an Infrared Burner the infrared energy (rays) penetrates the food directly (like sunshine warms your skin).
Faster Cooking Times - With the intense heat, cooking times are dramatically reduced up to 4X faster. This saves you a tremendous amount of time. Saves Money - All of these above benefits save you money by saving energy.