Johannes Dinnebier 11 Heads Stilio Chandelier Replica


Johannes Dinnebier 11 Heads Stilio Chandelier Replica integrating festive lighting into a system concept. The system is based on the very simple principle of the basic elements being strung together like a pearl necklace. The sophisticated glass rod arrangement is designed to provide an enchanting light play. The design also ensures glare-free light from every vantage point.Stilio is the perfect choice for any building that requires prestigious lighting, such as upmarket homes, hotels and restaurants. Often these buildings are international gourmet restaurants which install Stilio as an expression of their exclusive style. This light draws you in to imagine all the great possibilities alone it can give, and the pleasure you take from seeing it for yourself.


Product Dimensions:

  • 11 head (Dia:79 x 50cm)


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