Product Dimensions:

  • 2000mm x 1800mm x 2100mm
  • 2200mm x 1800mm x 2100mm


Standard Function:

  • Amboyna Wood
  • Touch Control system
  • 6kw HARVIA sauna stove
  • Temperature setting
  • Time setting/FM RadioMemory
  • 8-10mm Tempered Glass
  • Culture Stone
  • colorful top LED
  • lighting lamp
  • sauna stove auto-watering



The Kassandra Wooden Sauna Room will light up your place and your life in general with its beautiful design and truly helpful functions. Built with the finest of wood and tempered glass, it would secure the heat and all the sauna’s benefits within its tight-fitted walls. The 8-10 mm crystal walls and door also help maximize the space of your room, giving you that comfortable, unconstrained feeling when inside.


This model comes in two different sizes, just enough to take the space it needs while accommodating as many as three persons at a time. Bonding with family and friends has never been this healthy and relaxing. Lit up with a lamp and a set of colourful LED display on the ceiling, you will be able to enjoy the comfortable level of brightness inside and even change the mood by making use of the colour options of its lighting display.


The Kassandra Wooden Sauna Room offers the latest technological advancement with is computerized touch control system allowing its users to control heat level and assign time setting for each sauna bath session. Its 6KW Harvia sauna stove ensures the best and healthiest sauna experience.


The materials used for the Kassandra Wooden Sauna Room have undergone thorough selection processes to guarantee longest service life as possible. This sturdy structure to be installed in your home or your spa will stand the tests of time and maintain the best of its features for many years to come.