Knife Sets

An excellent, fundamental collection of knives is a must, also for the smallest kitchen area or the most seldom chef. Great knives will make cooking much faster and easier and the most effective will last for several years. Follow our quick guide to discover which will best suit your demands.

Kitchen knives come in a variety of sizes and forms. The shape of a knife makes it matched to a wide array and a certain task is available. You might like to use purpose-made knives or keep to a couple of that will deal with many tasks. The size of a knife excludes the manage and refers to the length of the cutter from heel to end.

Standard knives

Paring knife

A tiny knife for the preparation of small vegetables or fruit. The cutter is 7-10cm long and is firm with a greatly sharp end for choosing to remove pips.

Boning knife

Developed for eliminating bones from raw meat and fowl, this knife has a narrow, stiff cutter which curves up-wards, making it very easy to function the cutter around the bones.

Utility knife

A general purpose knife with a serrated edge and cutter regarding 13cm long. It is utilized to trim and reduce meat and larger vegetables and can be utilized to prepare sandwiches.


A cleaver has a strong, thick heavy cutter with a somewhat curved edge and is used to slice meat and sever and ready joints yet should not be made use of to slice via big bones. Usage a saw instead.

Bread knife

Bread knives have stiff serrated or scalloped edges, or a combo of both. This kind of cutter enables the knife to puncture a challenging crusting on a loaf without tearing or squashing the softer facility-- this also makes it the most effective knife for cutting tomatoes!

Carving fork

Carving forks are designed to stop meat from relocating approximately on the meal while being created and featured a guard to secure your hand in case the knife slides. They could be offered independently or as component or an established consisting of a carving knife, fork and developing steel.

Carving knife

A carving knife has a 20-26cm pliable cutter with a sharply sharp suggestion to help cost-free meat from the bone. The cutter can be plain or serrated.

Cook's knife

Chef's knives excel versatile knives which assist you deal with larger scale chopping jobs. They are available in a number of dimensions.

We also market collections of cheese and butter knives online. Various other professional knives such as Chinese cook's knives, color scheme knives, filleting knives chicken shears and mezzalunas (curved cutters with two takes care of for slicing natural herbs) are available in our online shop.

Furnishing yourself with the essentials

It is not essential to buy a whole selection of professional knives. You could simply want to buy a couple of fundamentals for everyday use or add to a collection with time, especially with the more pricey arrays. We recommend the following for a fundamental collection:.

Paring knife.
Small cook's knife.
Huge cook's knife.
Bread knife.
Carving knife & fork.

Top quality and construction.

The quality and rate of a knife will certainly be had an effect on incidentally in which it is made. We really hope the glossary here will certainly aid you choose which top quality of knife you would like.

Totally forged.

Fully forged knives are the finest top quality, made from a single block of steel. The tang and the blade (which connects the blade to the take care of) are all in one piece.


Stamped knives are equipment cut from a continual strip of stainless steel. This procedure makes the knife much more affordable to create and purchase. They are not as strong or long lasting as fully forged knives however provide good top quality and value for cash.

Toughening up and solidifying.

These are the processes knives are put through to create a tough, durable blade.

Taper ground.

Taper ground blades are the most effective top quality. Taper ground means that the entire blade is ground, from the back of the blade to the reducing edge and from the deal with end to the idea. This creates a cutter with a great sharp and quite strong reducing side.


The name offered to the component of the cutter which affixes the blade to the handle.

Hollow ground.

Not as sturdy or resilient as taper ground blades, just the bottom part of the blade is ground to develop a reducing edge.

Full tang.

Full tang knives have a tang which runs the full length of the deal with, follows its form and is safeguarded by rivets along its entire length. This aids to offer strength and equilibrium and is an attribute for the significant cook to try to find.

Fifty percent tang.

Fifty percent tang (or neb tang) is the name offered to a tang which extends part method along the handle, from about halfway to as much as three quarters of the means. It is safeguarded by rivets but often the rivet most remote method from the blade is just cosmetic. One-half tang knives agree with for general work.

Whittle tang.

Whittle Tang knives have just a brief point which expand into the manage and could not be seen. They are only suitable for lightweight work.

Treatment and storage space.

Many knives are dishwashing machine protected. Dry out and eliminate at the end of the pattern to prevent corrosion. If knives are cleaned by hand and dried they will remain sharper for longer.
To safeguard the blades, store in a knife block or magnetic wall shelf and constantly use on a smooth surface such as a lumber or acrylic cutting board.

Usage a knife sharpener or steel to keep blades fit.

An excellent, standard collection of knives is a must, even for the tiniest kitchen or the most infrequent cook. Great knives will certainly make food preparation faster and easier and the finest will last for several years. Follow our overview to find out which will ideal match your demands, although we do not sell knives online we still showcase the information of several knives and we do offer knife devices online.

The size of a knife excludes the take care of and refers to the size of the cutter from heel to tip.

Half tang knives are ideal for basic employment.