Product Dimensions:

  • 2000mm x 2000mm x 2100mm
  • 2200mm x 2000mm x 2100mm


Standard Function:

  • Red Cedar Wood
  • Touch Control System
  • 6KW HARVIA Sauna Stove
  • Temperature Setting
  • Time setting/FM RadioMemory
  • 8-10mm Tempered Glass
  • Culture Stone
  • Colourful Top LED
  • Lighting Lamp



The beautiful Korina Wooden Sauna Room is something you should treat yourself with in any occasion. Its contemporary style and sturdy build had been polished for perfection. It will definitely turn your place into something admirable and healthy as well. With your every own sauna room at home, you will be able to enjoy more of life, especially with the improvement of your overall heath.


Getting fit has never been this easy as the Korina Wooden Sauna Room provides the best sauna experience for you and your family. With two different sizes available, this sauna room will fit into any space you have available while allowing two to three individuals to enjoy a sauna bath at the same time. Its modern features of a touch control system makes sauna preparation convenient. You will not need to do anything at all. Simply press some icons on the touch screen panel for time setting and temperature control, and voila, your sauna bath is ready to be enjoyed. This sauna room also offers a built-in music player with a memory where you could store any of your favourite relaxing music. The FM Radio that comes with it will also come in handy as you get your sauna bath while relieving stress and tension in your body.


Its five-sided wall made of finest wood and tempered glass materials will help you feel good inside out. Its colourful LED lighting system will improve your mood and relax your body from head to toe.