La Lampe Parade Solar floor lamp replica a solar powered garden lamp and outdoor torch built with quality wood and aluminium so it can stay pretty and solid even in the most unforgiving locations. With an unmistakeable wonderful design, La Lampe Parade redefine the beach torch through a chic and bold combination of traditional craft, wanderer aesthetics and sustainable forward-thinking solar technology. A light that really does demand attention wherever placed. A light thats more of a work of art, and will stand graciously from the floor, setting the scene for the room. The lamp's battery can be recharged by exposing it to the sun, or if necessary, using a USB dock, because of its hybrid module.




  • H 170 cm - Lampshade: Ø 23 x H 49 cm - Tip to be planted: Ø 9 x H 39 cm





Made To Order: 7-21 day delivery