The Parade floor light reinterprets the shoreline burn through a chic and intense blend in which custom joins with avant watch sunlight based innovation. This remote floor light can be planted straightforwardly into the earth or sand on account of its slim base (you can introduce it specifically in the ground or in the earth of a window box). Extremely impervious to poor climate, the Parade floor light can confront a wide range of atmospheres, including the marine atmosphere. The characteristic teak post is adorned with chrome plated metal subtleties. It is beaten by a rich shade in white aluminum, punctuated with sensitive openwork patters. The numerous openings enable light to channel through for a mystical impact. This light is furnished with the most recent Maiori innovation as far as photovoltaic vitality and LED lighting. The most recent age sunlight based unit is both reduced and incredible. The Parade sun based light presents to 9 hours brightening (for 5 hours of sun based reviving). The Parade light emits a delicate and beautiful mind-set lighting. In the event that you need to transform the Parade stake light into a customary, self-standing floor light, you can utilize the straightforward base sold independently. The base of the light interlocks with the base which ensures flawless security.




  • H 170 cm - Lampshade: Ø 23 x H 49 cm - Tip to be planted: Ø 9 x H 39 cm





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