Crystal Colourful Luxury Residential Hotel Chandelier


Lunette, a unique contemporary modern light features multicoloured crystal glass pieces on an oval black ceiling base. LED bulbs are situated inside the glass pieces illuminating the chandelier delicately. Customisation is available with this chandelier, the ceiling base colour, size & shape can be bespoke made to your requirements along with the number of glass pieces required. Please email us at [email protected] 



1. 100cm length x 50cm width ceiling base (oval) 40 glass pieces

2. 150cm length x 80cm width ceiling base (oval) 65 glass pieces

3. 200cm length x 90cm width ceiling base (oval) 90 glass pieces

4. 250 length x 120cm width ceiling base (oval) 100 glass pieces 

5. 300cm length x 150cm width ceiling base (oval) 140 glass pieces

6. 380cm length x 180cm width  ceiling base (oval) 180 glass pieces


6-8 weeks. Worldwide shipping. Manufactured in the UK.