Marset Scantling Floor Lamp Replica


Marset Scantling Floor Lamp Replica a combination of basic geometric shapes and the use of wood together with metal give this range of lamps a homely appearance, at the same time as a clearly defined personality. All of the movements of the fully rotating shade use arms and hinges, and its technical precision means that springs or counterweights are not necessary in order to maintain the selected position. Scantling is a term used to define the size to which a piece of wood or stone is measured and cut, derived from the name of an old unit of measurement. Minimalist mixture of natural wood and metal designed for both form and function. Its fully rotatable cylindrical lacquered aluminum shade sits atop and lacquered iron column and the various hinge points make it easy to direct task lighting where it is needed most. Its linear appearance allows this lamp to adapt to nearly any décor style. Convenience features include adjustable solid oak arms, an integrated on/off switch and energy-efficient T3 halogen lamping for bright, long-lasting illumination.




  • Height: 120cm x Length 73cm x Width 26cm




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