Metal Art Coil Chandelier


Metal Art Coil Chandelier these hand sculpted lighting pieces are woven in hand sheared steel, cast shadows reflect a double dimension onto surrounding surfaces. Giants of the night sky inspire these airy, light sculptures. Stellar lights float like stars on distant planets. These pieces accent and integrate with a variety of architectural spaces from contemporary and modern to classic environments.  The Metal Art Coil Chandelier formation of her works makes for home decor that is sure to stand out and impress your visitors. The lights project captivating shadows that can turn a wall into what looks like a "double dimension" drawing. These lighting is very atmospheric and can be used to set the mood for a relaxing evening.




H : 105cm x 39cm D SMALL

H : 205cm x 96cm D MEDIUM

H: 305cm x W: 153cm LARGE



 Height does not include cable length. Bulbs included



 14-28 day delivery