Modern 5 Tiered Glass Tubes Hotel Chandelier


Modern 5 Tiered Glass Tubes Hotel Chandelier a gorgeous fixture that will hang in your space and bring plenty of shimmering light with it. The chandelier features a circular shape. Consist of 5 glass panels that hang down on each side. Each panel of glass has vertical lines that run through each panel, giving a look of texture and depth to the chandelier. This chandelier has quite the presence when placed into a glam-infused space with light-toned furniture just below. The chandelier provide plenty of bright light that shines down from this chandelier. With its footprint, this chandelier would bring a shine to a glam living space with neutral, plump furniture set out and silver accents spread throughout.  This light draws you in to imagine all the great possibilities alone it can give, and the pleasure you take from seeing it for yourself.




  •  250cm Wide x 350cm High




Made To Order: 7-21 day delivery