PH Artichoke light replica

This is a stunning ph artichoke lamp replica of the original lamp by Poul Henningsen, designed in 1958 in which he named it Artichoke light. This is a fabulous design piece taking its inspiration from nature to created a flamboyant centre piece. . The stylish artichoke lamp replica was originally designed for a restaurant in Copenhagen called Langelinie Pavilion, and still to this day the light is still there to be viewed. PH Artichoke light has a world-famous unique sculptural aesthetic, and is viewed internationally as an iconic design.

It features 72+ metal leaves constructed like the shape of the artichoke vegetable, hence its name Poul Henningsen Artichoke lamp. These leaves illuminate the beautiful unique fixture, as well as diffuse light to create a beautiful pattern.

This light truly is a piece of art by the way it illuminates light around the room, to how it looks in any interior setting. The light itself will guarantee to be a feature in any room its placed.

It is available in 5 different colours, White, black, silver, red, copper, and 5 different sizes.



Poul Henningsen was born into an intellectual and upper class family in Denmark, 1894. He was a much creative designer, author, architect and critic. Most famous for his design in lighting he was also one of the leading cultural figures in Denmark between both World Wars. Poul Henningsen’s work remains within several notable 20th-century design collections, including that of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Henningsen was also given the prestigious honour of designing a piece for Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.




  • Size A: Ø38
  • Size B: Ø48
  • Size C: Ø60
  • Size D: Ø72
  • Size E: Ø82

We can supplly any required lenth of of ceiling wire to hang you lamp. Please notify us in your order notes or via email after the maximum length required. This can be fully adjusted on site.

Colours Available :

  • Copper
  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Silver


This PH Artichoke light replica is Made To Order: 7-21 day delivery.