It was originally designed for Louis Poulsen in 1958 and considered to be a classic masterpiece. The geometry of the glare free luminaire is designed to ensure all the illuminated surface of the shades are stuck by the rays of light in the same angle, creating an even illumination. Constructed from aluminium and available in white, black or silver.

This is a top quality duplication motivated by Henningsen's legendary classic. The PH Snowball is thought about to be a classic design work of art, made by Poul Henningsen greater than 40 years ago.

The PH Snowball is a smaller version of the PH Louvre made for the Adventist Religion in Skodsborg, Denmark. Unlike the PH Louvre, this professional pendant light has merely eight tones installed on 3 legs - and the diameter of the fixture is additionally minimized due to the truth that it was planned for lesser ceiling spaces.

This Poul Henningsen lamp was re-introduced and just recently re-drawn in 1983, so is consequently taking pleasure in a new age of passion. Today it is made with white tones glossed on the leading and matted on the bottom. The leading of the hues are glossy in order to develop gleaming lighting. The under-surfaces of the tones are matte to avoid reflections of the light.

PH Snowball (1924) is a 360-degree glow free of glare. The geometry of the PH Snowball is tailored to guarantee all the brightened surfaces of the hues are struck by the beams in the very same angle, making an also lighting.



  • Small: Ø40 x 40
  • Large: Ø51 x 51

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