Rotisserie Products

Spit roasting has never been easier with the Napoleon rotisserie kit. To begin, season your meat or veggies as per the recipe, then place one fork onto the spit rod and secure with the thumbscrew provided. Slide the meat or veggies onto the spit rod, balancing it as evenly as possible. Then secure the next fork onto the meat and tighten the thumbscrew. Repeat this procedure if you have 4 forks and are doing more than one piece of meat. An easy way to see if your rotisserie is balanced is to hang the spit rod over your kitchen sink. The heavy side will spin to the bottom. If that happens,  attach your counter balance in the opposite direction of the weighted food; heavy side down, counter balance up. Next you will add the stop bushing to the left side of the spit rod but do not tighten. Secure the spit rod handle to the spit.

Remove the warming rack from your grill and fit the rotisserie motor onto the bracket on the left side. Slide the spit rod into the square opening in the motor and let the spit rod rest on the notch out on the other side of the hood. Move the stop bushing to the inside left of the hood and secure tightly into place. Now you are ready to use your Napoleon® Rotisserie. Remember to always place a pan under whatever you are rotissing to catch all the drippings. You may even want to add some orange or apple juice, wine, water or even beer to the pan to baste your meat or poultry with during the cooking process. It is always best to start your rear burner on the high position to sear in the juices and then turn down the heat to medium and close your lid. For cooking times please refer to the chart below.

Whole roast chicken guide

Using your grill’s rotisserie is a simple way to get an extravagant meal without running the oven and spending hours in the kitchen. This method of cooking also allows you to cook quickly and easily for crowds of people. You can do up to 5 chickens at once, or even some chickens, pork roast and a leg of lamb. Whatever you want. Rotissing also leaves your grids open for grilling other things for your meal while the meat is cooking.


    Fill your marinade injector with the Buffalo Injector Sauce, or any chosen sauce for the chickens. Inject the chicken(s) in the meat, right into the breasts, sides and thighs, not just under the skin. This is a “to your own taste” recipe so use as much or as little sauce as you want. Season the outside of the birds with whatever you want. Salt and pepper, rub or just leave them plain.
    Slide the chicken(s) onto the rotisserie ensuring that you balance the unit is balanced. Slide the forks onto each end and firmly press them into the chicken. Tighten the thumb screws to hold your chicken in place. Fit the small end of the rotisserie-rod into the motor and the handled end in the slot on the other side of your grill. Light the rear burner on your grill and turn on the motor of the rotisserie.
    Rotiss your chicken(s) for 60 to 90 minutes or until a meat thermometer inserted into a breast or thigh reads 180°F. Be sure that the thermometer does not touch bone.
    Carefully remove the rotisserie from the grill and release the thumb screws, using pliers for this is a good idea, the metal is hot. Carefully slide the chicken(s) from the rod and serve.