Product Dimensions:

  • 2000mm x 1800mm x 2100mm
  • 2200mm x 1800mm x 2100mm


Standard Function:

  • Amboyna Wood
  • Touch Control system
  • 6kw HARVIA sauna stove
  • temperature setting
  • Time setting/FM RadioMemory
  • Culture Stone
  • Colourful top LED
  • lighting lamp
  • Sauna Stove Auto-Watering



Enjoy the detoxifying effect of modern sauna with the sophisticated and modern design of Sarra Diamond Wooden Sauna Room. Built with a diamond-like shape, its crystal walls and door are made of 8-10mm tempered glass, giving you that comfortable, spacious effect while enjoying a bath inside. Its two layers of benches extending from one end to the other accommodates up to three persons, giving an opportunity to share this healthy and relaxing experience with friends and families.


The computerized control system of this sauna room ensures the most convenient and satisfying sauna bath. With just a few presses on the touch screen panel, you will be able to control your sauna temperature and set the time for a worry-free relaxation. It also offers a built-in FM radio which plays your favorite music for an optimum stress-relieving experience.


The Sarra Diamond Wooden Sauna Room also features a self-watering 6kw Harvia sauna stove. This high quality stove and the rest of the sauna room’s structure and accessories are all made of the finest materials available in the market today.


Its colorful top LED lighting system and the lamp set in the middle of the room help ease your mood and aid in relieving emotional and mental tensions. This sauna room offers you great health benefits, cleansing your pores, improve capillary circulation, and giving your skin a softer-looking quality. So if you’re looking for a way to truly experience relaxation and be able to quietly meditate for a few quality minutes, the Sarra Diamond Wooden Sauna Room will be just right for you.