Serge Mouille created his angular, insect-like illuminations as "a response to the Italian models that were starting to occupy the market in 1950," which he criticized for being "also difficult." His large-scale Three-Arm Floor Lamp (1952) has a kinetic, sculptural aesthetic that rouses a feeling of motion precede. All of the arms can be turned in different directions, enabling enough, well-directed lighting for any sort of job. Mouille designed the Three-Arm Lamp for a client whose directions were simply, "I want a big illumination considering that I have customers in South The united state that have massive areas." Every one of his lights remedies showcase Mouille's characteristic trademarks as a designer: the method the arms are signed up with to the diffusers, the washer and six-sided screw equipment, the kind of the reflectors, and the refined lines of the steel tubes.


Product Dimensions:

  • H:210cm x D:135~145cm

Made To Order: 7-21 day delivery