Product Dimensions:

  • 1000mm x 1100mm x 1900mm
  • 1200mm x 1100mm x 1900mm
  • 1500mm x 1100mm x 1900mm


Standard Function:

  • Amboyna Wood
  • Touch Control system
  • 3kw HARVIA sauna stove
  • temperature setting
  • Time setting/FM RadioMemory
  • 8-10mm tempered glass
  • Culture Stone
  • colourful top LED
  • lighting lamp
  • sauna stove auto-watering



Your stressful days will be put to an end when you get the Thana Wooden Sauna Room. This elegant sauna room made of the finest wood and most durable tempered glass will give you all the health benefits that people have been enjoying from sauna baths for many centuries. The crystal door and walls perfectly fit its well-polished, wooden body, trapping all the moisture and heat inside the confines of this pretty roomy sauna room. This model comes in three different sizes which would allow one or two individuals inside. Built with materials of the highest quality including its latest technological features, the Thana Wooden Sauna Room is surprisingly affordable for anyone who wants to own his or her very own elegant, wooden sauna room at home.


Owning your sauna room at home will help you relax anytime of the day. With its touch control system, you will get all the benefits offered by a sauna bath in the most convenient way possible. You can simply set the temperature you’re most comfortable in, set the time and even play some beautiful music. This sauna room will never go out of style and you will find yourself always wanting to experience the relaxation it offers again and again. After some regular sauna baths, you will soon say goodbye to the stress and tension in your body and develop a more relaxed sleep that sauna use provides. Eventually, this precious, beautiful sauna room will improve your health and lifestyle.