The Barcelona Chair Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe Pony Skin replica

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Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe designed the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona World Arts Fair in Spain. The building was said to be extremely modern even by today’s standards.

The Modern Classical Style was created to provide seating for the King and Queen of Spain at Barcelona's 1929 World Arts Fair in Spain. The Barcelona Chair has been in production for almost 80 years since, with very few changes.

It is believed Ludwig Miles Van der Rohe and his partner Lilly based the Barcelona Chair on the campaign and folding chairs of the Pharaohs and Romans with bringing a modern, timeless flair to this ancient iconic design. The only changes Van der Rohe made in the 1950's was to add a seamless metal frame.

Back then the Chair was the talk of the designer/arts world and to this day it still is. Today the Barcelona Chair is still a must have for any designer conscious individual wanting to add a high quality replica.

Also to match the Chair we also have the Barcelona Sofa and Barcelona Footstool to finish the look perfectly.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (born Maria Ludwig Michael Mies; March 27, 1886 – August 19, 1969) was a German-American

He was born in Aachen, Germany, on March 27, 1886. He trained with his father, a master stonemason and at 19 he moved to Berlin, where he worked for Bruno Paul, an art nouveau architect and furniture designer. At 20 he received his first independent commission, to plan a house for a philosopher (Alois Riehl). In 1908 he began working for the architect
Peter Behrens. he studied the architecture of the Prussian Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Frank Lloyd Wright. He opened his own office in Berlin in 1912, and married in 1913. He constructed an influential and inspirational twentieth century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. Expanding his craft between architecture and furniture design, German born Mies undertook the majority of his career living in the United States, before his passing in Chicago, 1969.


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A matching stool is also available HERE:

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