Torch Pendant Light S4 Pendant Lamp Replica


Torch Pendant Light S4 Pendant Lamp Replica  inspired by archetypal object the simple silhouette of a typical hand held torch and car headlight. The torch pendant bundle  arranged in a bunch a single individual torch pendant light. A light thats bold and dramatic, with its strong, yet elegant features, and clever design. This light draws you in to imagine all the great possibilities alone it can give, and the pleasure you take from seeing it for yourself. This light literally can be placed anywhere, and will look simply stunning  gracing the room perfectly with its presence.



  • S1: 18.2cm Dia x H25.5cm flexible Cord 100cm
  • S2: 18.2cm Dia x H26.5cm flexible Cord 100cm




Made To Order: 7-21 day delivery