Vicente Garcia Jimenez Big Bang Pendant Lamp Replica


A unique and truly eye catching light, with its various sizes of rectangle pieces that's placed at different angles, to create not only a striking light, but also a stunning piece of contemporary art. The lamp comes in either white or red colour, to enhance either a neutral or bright colour schemes. This light works best in larger rooms, with a contemporary, minimalistic decor, to really appreciate its true form, and unique style.  Once placed in the room it will be a stunning center piece, that will work as a fully functional light, but also a piece of art.

The lamp really does have a character of its own, as once the light is switched on, and with the way all the plates slot together, it sends an explosion of light that comes directly from the core, and luminates around the room.  The intense, yet warm light, cleverly offers a remarkable light affect from different angles.  It does this astutely, and without dazzling or being overpowering in anyway, that only guarantees maximum reflection.

The red colour option offers a more bold and dramatic feel, with the striking shot of colour and the volume of the light shape.  An excellent lamp to hang one or more over a large dining table, or entrance hall, for a quirky and noticeable entrance.

The light can come with any cable length, free of charge and the E27 bulb is included.



 Product Dimensions:

  • Small: D:65cm x H:45cm
  • Large: D:91cm x H:64cm


14-28 day delivery