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Where to buy floor lamps? 

Jas Boutique well known for its curated selection of high-quality lighting fixtures. We offer a wide range of floor lamps in various styles, designs, and finishes, ensuring you'll find the perfect one to complement your space.

A floor lamp is wonderful for lightening a dark area, including elevation to a space and enables task or ambient lighting for the residence and workplace.

There are lots of various designs, finishes and kinds of floor lamps now readily available from the giant Arc floor lamp to the fork floor lamp. Your floor lamp choices offered by jas boutique will have something for every room of the house to the office!

If you such as to rearrange your area each week, floor lamps are mobile and can be relocated from one location to another particularly! They can be used for different illumination purposes such as ambient lighting, up lights, spot illumination artwork, and scene / mood lighting. We supply a range of lighting components, consisting of standard halogen and incandescent to modern LED.

Floor lamps are sophisticated and useful and assist make a room look additional "relaxing". There are lots of different styles of lamps: Fine art Deco, modern, modern-day, typical, retro, even exotic / tropical / Chinese to rustic / industrial to traditional. Nowadays you should be able to find a style to compliment your decor.

You could likewise locate really extremely versatile styles of floor lamps, such as the counter balance or swing arm design or even more frequently known "mother and child" lamp. These styles are functional and enable you to relocate the lighting "arm" to the most effective position. Some floor lamps additionally integrate tables for you to place share a book or drink.

Whatever you need your floor lamp for there are numerous different designs offered and we make sure you will discover something to match your needs.

Styles Of Modern Floor Lamps

Modern designer floor lamps come in a variety of styles, each with its unique design elements. Here are a few popular styles of modern floor lamps:

1. Minimalist: Minimalist floor lamps feature clean lines, simple forms, and a sleek, understated aesthetic. They focus on functionality and often have slim profiles, our contemporary floor lamps are suitable for contemporary and minimalist interiors.

2. Arc Floor Lamps: These lamps feature a long, curved arm that extends from the base, allowing the light to be positioned over a specific area. Arc floor lamps add a touch of drama and elegance to a room and are commonly used to provide overhead lighting for seating areas or reading nooks.

3. Tripod Floor Lamps: Inspired by photography tripods, these lamps have three legs that provide stability and visual interest. They often have adjustable heights and can be used to create a focal point in a room or as accent lighting.

4. Industrial: Industrial floor lamps incorporate elements like exposed metal, vintage-inspired finishes, and utilitarian designs. They add a rugged and urban touch to a space and are popular in loft-style or industrial-themed interiors.

5. Mid-Century Modern: A mid century floor lamp draws inspiration from the mid-20th century design era, characterized by organic shapes, sleek lines, and mixed materials. They often feature iconic designs, such as globe shades or tripod bases, and can be a statement piece in a modern or retro-styled room.

6. Contemporary: Contemporary floor lamps encompass a wide range of designs, often incorporating innovative shapes, materials, and lighting technologies. They can be bold and artistic, showcasing unique and eye-catching forms.

These styles offer diverse options for adding both illumination and style to modern interiors, allowing individuals to choose a floor lamp that best suits their personal taste and complements their overall décor.

How to choose a floor lamp for a modern interior

When selecting a floor lamp for a modern interior, consider the following factors to ensure a cohesive and stylish look:

1. Design and Style: Look for contemporary floor lamps with clean lines, sleek profiles, and contemporary aesthetics. Consider the overall theme of your modern interior and choose a lamp that complements it. Minimalist floor lamps, arc floor lamps, or tripod floor lamp styles are popular choices for modern spaces.

2. Material and Finish: Opt for materials like metal floor lamps, chrome floor lamps, brushed nickel, or matte modern black floor lamps finishes, as they often align well with modern design. These materials offer a modern and sleek appearance that integrates seamlessly into the space.

3. Lighting Functionality: Assess the lighting needs of your room. Trendy modern floor lamps come in various types, such as ambient, task, or accent lighting. Consider whether you need a lamp for general illumination or if you require focused light for reading, working, or creating ambiance.

4. Size and Scale: Consider the dimensions of the room and the available floor space. Choose a floor lamp that complements the proportions of the room without overpowering it. Additionally, ensure that the lamp's height is appropriate for the intended use, such as reading or providing general lighting.

5. Energy Efficiency: Consider energy-efficient options, such as LED floor lamps, which consume less energy and have a longer lifespan. They not only save electricity but also emit less heat, making them more environmentally friendly.

6. Integration with Existing Décor: Take into account the existing color scheme and furniture in the room. Choose a floor lamp that complements the overall color palette and style of the space, ensuring it harmonizes with other furnishings.

7. Dimming and Adjustability: If you desire flexibility in lighting levels, consider a floor lamp with dimming capabilities. Adjustable features, such as tiltable or swiveling heads, allow you to direct light where it is needed most.

By considering these factors, you can select a floor lamp that not only enhances the functionality of your modern interior but also adds a touch of style and sophistication to the space.

Modern floor lamps for living room spaces

Modern floor lamps for living rooms have become essential design elements, seamlessly combining style, function, and innovation. They offer a practical lighting solution while contributing to the overall aesthetic and mood of a space. With a variety of designs available, these lamps can reflect personal tastes, from minimalist and industrial floor lamps to rustic and vintage floor lamps.

A trend that has been prominent in 2023 is the integration of smart floor lamps. Many modern lamps now feature touch controls, adjustable brightness, and even compatibility with home automation systems for effortless control over ambience. They often come equipped with energy-efficient LED technology, making them more sustainable and long-lasting.

Statement floor lamps and artistic floor lamps are also increasingly popular. These can range from sculptural floor lamps that double as an art piece, to arc floor lamps that provide overhead lighting without the need for ceiling fixtures. Tripod designs, too, have become a favorite, providing a mid-century modern appeal.

Regardless of style, modern floor lamps allow a living room to be multi-functional. They can offer focused task lighting for reading, or a softer glow for casual entertaining, providing versatility in one stylish package. They truly have evolved from a mere accessory to a design centerpiece in the living room.

What makes luxury floor lamps, luxury?

Luxury floor lamps differentiate themselves through a combination of premium materials, craftsmanship, innovative design, brand prestige, and exclusive features.

1. Materials: Luxury floor lamps often employ high-end materials such as solid brass, marble floor lamps, crystal floor lamps, or even precious metals like gold and silver. The quality of materials used significantly influences the lamp's durability, weight, and aesthetic appeal, contributing to its luxury status.

2. Craftsmanship: High-end floor lamps are typically handcrafted, often involving traditional artisan techniques that ensure uniqueness and an impeccable finish. The meticulous attention to detail in their assembly and the time invested in their creation add to their value.

3. Design: Luxury floor lamps usually showcase innovative or trend-setting designs. They might be designed by well-known interior designers or architects and often make a statement in any room they are placed in.

4. Brand Prestige: Similar to other luxury goods, brand reputation and history play a significant role. Some customers are willing to pay a premium for products from established design houses known for their quality and style of prestige floor lamps.

5. Features: Luxury floor lamps may incorporate advanced features such as smart technology, customizable light settings, and energy-efficient lighting. They often offer a seamless blend of technology, function, and style.

6. Exclusivity: Limited editions or custom-made floor lamp designs add an element of exclusivity, often appealing to the high-end market.

In essence, the 'luxury' in luxury floor lamps is about more than just the price. It's about the quality, artistry, innovation, and the overall experience that comes with ownership.



What are Scandi Floor Lamps?

Scandi floor lamps reflect the Scandinavian floor lamp design principles, marked by simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. This style, originating from the Nordic countries, is known for its understated elegance, natural elements, and a clean, bright aesthetic, all of which are characteristics evident in Scandi floor lamps.

These lamps typically feature a clean design with a focus on geometric shapes and lines. The base and lampshade are often unadorned, emphasizing form and function over intricate detail. Colors are generally neutral, incorporating shades of white, black, grey, or natural wood tones, complementing the Scandinavian philosophy of creating calm, serene interiors.

Material choice is also critical. a wooden tripod floor lamp, particularly lighter varieties like pine or birch, is a common material due to its natural, warm appeal. Other materials like metal or glass may also be used, often in a matte or frosted finish to maintain the minimalist aesthetic.

Scandi floor lamps may also exhibit some level of flexibility or adjustability, reinforcing the emphasis on functionality. This might include adjustable heights, tilting lamp heads, or dimmable light settings, designed for a variety of tasks and environments.

In essence, Scandi floor lamps bring light and style to a space, while also promoting a sense of harmony and connection with nature, in line with Scandinavian design ethos.


Famous Modern Designer Floor Lamps

There are numerous designers who have made significant contributions to the world of lighting design, including floor lamps. Here are a few notable ones:

1. Achille Castiglioni: An Italian designer known for his innovative and practical designs, Castiglioni designed the iconic Arco Lamp in 1962 with his brother Pier Giacomo. This floor lamp features a long, curved arm made from stainless steel, topped with a polished aluminum dome, and is anchored by a weighty block of white Carrara marble.

2. Isamu Noguchi: Noguchi was a renowned Japanese-American artist and landscape architect who designed the iconic Akari Light Sculptures, a series of lanterns made of washi paper and bamboo. While not traditional floor lamps, these sculptures can be used for floor lighting and have become a symbol of mid-century modern design.

3. Serge Mouille: Known for his minimalistic designs, Mouille was a French industrial designer and goldsmith. His Three-Arm Floor Lamp, designed in 1952, is a great example of his style. Its simplicity, elegance, and functionality have made it a sought-after piece in modern decor.

4. George Nelson: An American industrial designer, Nelson is famous for his Bubble Lamp series. These lamps, including the floor models, feature a simple steel wire frame with a distinctive plastic coating, creating a soft, diffused light.

5. Verner Panton: Panton was a Danish designer known for his futuristic design aesthetic. His Globe Floor Lamp, also known as the VP Globe, showcases his avant-garde design approach.

6. Louis Poulsen: A renowned Danish lighting manufacturer rather than an individual designer, the brand Louis Poulsen has collaborated with various designers like Poul Henningsen and Arne Jacobsen, creating classic floor lamp designs that are globally recognized.

These designers and many others have made significant contributions to lighting design, creating floor lamps that are not only functional but also works of art.


Where should floor lamps be placed?

Floor lamps can be placed strategically around your living space depending on their intended function and the overall design of the room. Here are some general guidelines:

1. Next to a reading chair or sofa: This is the most common place for a floor lamp, especially those designed for task lighting. The light should be close enough to illuminate your book or work without causing a glare.

2. Beside the bed: A floor lamp can be a stylish alternative to a traditional bedside table lamp, especially in rooms with larger bedframes or where space is at a premium.

3. In a dark corner: Floor lamps can help brighten up a dark corner, creating a more inviting and comfortable ambiance in the room. Arc or torchiere floor lamps are particularly effective for this.

4. As a statement piece: Floor lamps with unique designs can serve as a focal point in a room. They could be placed where they are clearly visible, like near the entrance of a room or next to a significant piece of furniture.

5. Beside a desk or workspace: If you work from home or have a dedicated workspace, a modern office floor lamp can provide task lighting, reduce eye strain and increase productivity.

Remember that lamps should be placed safely, with the cord in a location where people are not likely to trip over it. They should also be situated away from high traffic areas where they might be knocked over.

How to decorate with floor lamps

Decorating with floor lamps can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Here are some tips on how to decorate with floor lamps:

1. Choose the Right Style: Select a floor lamp that complements the overall style of your room. Consider factors such as the lamp's shape, materials, and finish, ensuring it harmonizes with your existing furniture and decor.

2. Placement: Strategically place the floor lamp to create a focal point or illuminate specific areas. Consider using it to highlight a reading nook, a piece of artwork, or a corner of the room that needs additional lighting.

3. Balance and Proportion: Ensure that the size and scale of the floor lamp are proportionate to the surrounding furniture and the room itself. A large room may accommodate a taller and more substantial floor lamp, while a smaller space benefits from a compact or slender design.

4. Layer Lighting: Use floor lamps to complement other lighting sources in the room, such as overhead fixtures or table lamps. This layered approach adds depth, ambiance, and flexibility to the overall lighting scheme.

5. Functional Lighting: Determine the purpose of the floor lamp. Is it primarily for task lighting, accent lighting, or providing ambient illumination? Consider adjustable or directional floor lamps that allow you to direct the light as needed.

6. Statement Piece: If you want the floor lamp to make a bold statement, opt for a unique or eye-catching design. A sculptural or artistic floor lamp can serve as a conversation starter and a focal point in the room.

7. Coordinate with Colors: Consider the colors in your room when choosing a floor lamp. Opt for a lampshade color that complements or contrasts with the existing color palette, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

8. Conceal Cords: Find creative ways to hide or manage the cords of the floor lamp. This could involve using cord covers, routing the cords along baseboards or furniture, or using furniture pieces to strategically conceal the cords.

9. Dimmer Functionality: If possible, install a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness of the floor lamp. This allows you to create different moods and atmospheres, depending on the occasion or time of day.

10. Personal Touch: Finally, infuse your own personality and style when decorating with floor lamps. Choose a lamp that resonates with your taste and complements your personal decor preferences.

By following these tips, you can effectively decorate with floor lamps to elevate the aesthetics, functionality, and ambiance of your space.

Floor lamps for bedrooms

modern standing lamp for bedroom can be an excellent addition to bedrooms for several reasons, providing not only illumination but also contributing to the overall aesthetic of the room. Here's more about the role of floor lamps in bedroom settings:

1. Ambient Lighting: Floor lamps can help create a warm, relaxing ambiance that is ideal for bedrooms. They provide soft, diffused lighting that is perfect for unwinding at the end of the day and preparing for a good night's sleep.

2. Reading and Task Lighting: If you enjoy reading or doing other tasks in your bedroom, a floor lamp can offer the directed light that you need. Lamps with adjustable features or those with swing arms can be particularly useful for these tasks.

3. Decorative Element: Floor lamps come in various styles, materials, colors such as gold floor lamps for bedroom, and sizes, allowing you to choose one that complements your bedroom decor. Whether your style is modern, rustic, classic, or eclectic, there's a floor lamp to match it.

4. Space Saving: For smaller bedrooms, floor lamps can provide necessary lighting without taking up much space. They can be tucked into corners or placed next to beds or chairs.

5. Accent Lighting: A floor lamp can be used to highlight a particular area or feature in your bedroom, such as a piece of art, a reading nook, or a beautiful piece of furniture.

6. Versatility: Floor lamps are relatively easy to move, giving you the flexibility to change your lighting based on your needs or mood.

When choosing a floor lamp for your bedroom, consider its function, the amount of light you need, and the style you prefer. Options can include torchieres that direct light upwards, providing ambient light; club lamps that direct light downwards and are suitable for reading; or multi-directional lamps that offer both uplight and downlight.

Overall, contemporary floor lamps for bedroom can enhance your bedroom's comfort, functionality, and style. They offer an easy and affordable way to change the mood of your room, reflect your personal style, and add the light you need for your bedroom activities.

How tall should a floor lamp be in a bedroom?

The height of a floor lamp can greatly affect its functionality and the ambiance of the room. For a bedroom, the ideal height of your floor lamp depends on its purpose and the furnishings around it.

1. General Ambiance: If you're using the floor lamp to add general ambient lighting in your bedroom, tall lamps for bedroom, typically between 58 to 64 inches (about 147 to 163 cm) tall, is a good option. This height is considered standard because it allows the light to spread out over a larger area.

2. Reading or Task Lighting: If you're using the bright floor lamps for bedroom for reading or as task lighting, the height can vary based on your seating arrangement. The bottom of the shade should be at eye level when seated to prevent glare. So, if you have a lower bed or seating arrangement, a shorter lamp might work better than long lamps for bedroom.

3. Scale and Proportion: Another factor to consider is the scale and proportion of the modern floor lamps for bedroom in relation to your room and the furniture in it. A lamp should be in proportion with your room size and the furniture around it. For example, a larger, taller lamp might look better next to a high headboard or large piece of furniture.

4. Style of the Lamp: The style of the standing lights for bedroom can also influence its ideal height. Some standing lamps for bedroom are designed to provide up lighting and might be taller, while others are designed for task lighting and might be shorter or adjustable.

Remember, these are just general guidelines. The most important thing is to choose a lamp that meets your specific needs and fits well within your space.